Commerce 365 Magento 2 Extension

In the Magento backend go to Stores > Configuration > Commerce 365.

Here you can enter your app details. These are the same credentials as you used on the Business Central setup page to authorize the connection from within Business Central. API URL, AppId and SecretKey.

If you don’t have this information, please contact your supplier/implementation partner or send an email to [email protected]

If you don’t see the Commerce 365 extension within the Magento backend, first follow the instructions on this page: Magento technical installation.


Magento has an extensive indexing mechanism, which enables the front-end to perform at its very best. But depending on its configuration, updating indexes can also slow down bulk updates. Here is our rule of thumb regarding indexing;

During setup / initial phase, where you want a direct response from the front-end when altering data in Business Central, set all indexes to Update on Save.

When going into full test or production mode, set all indexes to Update by Schedule, and make sure that you have the appropriate CRON jobs set up.


During the implementation and testing phases of your project, we highly recommend disabling full page caching or Varnish cache. These are great features to boost the performance of your stores in production mode, but they might confuse things when testing. Your most recent change might just not have been picked up by the caching mechanism.