Magento sales orders always first become staging orders (see previous chapter). This is an in-between table in which we store all the sales order information that is available on the Magento side. And then, either manually or fully automatically, these staging orders can become real Business Central sales documents.

Orders or Quotes

On a Store View level you can set whether orders have to be downloaded, and which type of sales document should be created.

Additionally you can define whether an incoming staging order has to be converted to a sales document directly on import.

Under Order Processing Method select None if you want to process manually. Or select either Create or Create & Release if you want to create, and optionally release a sales document.

Number Series

The so-called Increment ID that is generated by Magento will be used as the order number in Business Central. The Increment ID is the visible order number, and not the technical ID. This means, the number your customer sees in Magento, is also the order number that is used within BC.