Business Central SaaS

If you are running the SaaS version of Business Central, then go to the Admin Center which usually can be found at:[tenantid]/admin

See the last section of this page if you don't know where to find your TenantId.

On this page select the environment in which you want to update the apps.

Click on Apps in the top left corner. 

Find the lines for Commerce 365 for Magento, and click Install Update.

Where do I find my Business Central Tenant ID?

Click on the question mark in the top right corner, select Help & Support, scroll to the bottom of the pop-up, and there is your Tenant ID. Copy & paste that value into this URL[tenantid]/admin to access the admin center. If you get an Unauthorized page, please contact your Business Central supplier. 

Business Central On-Premises

To update Commerce 365 for Magento in your BC on-premises environment, please download the latest versions of the apps you want to update, and use the appropriate Powershell commands.

If you don't have access to the Powershell command line on your Business Central server, please contact your administrator or service partner. 

Uninstall-NavApp -ServerInstance Servicename -Name AppName
Publish-NavApp -ServerInstance Servicename -Path NewAppPath
Sync-NavApp -ServerInstance Servicename -Version AppNewVersion -Name AppName
Start-NavAppDataUpgrade -ServerInstance Servicename -Version AppNewVersion -Name AppName
Unpublish-NavApp -ServerInstance Servicename -Version AppOldVersion -Name AppName