Release info

Release date: 13 Jan 2022

Available for: BC17, BC18, BC19 On-Premises. BC SaaS.

Github download link:

New online manual

The online manual for Commerce 365 is completely revised. It now contains a lot more information and many more screenshots.

Support for 'New Sales Price Experience'

There is no need for further configuration. Once you switch to using the new sales pricing experience,

Commerce 365 will also start using the new calculation mechanism.

New Commerce 365 Azure Cloud platform

  • More control over Azure data locations and (customer specific) data encryption.
  • Overall performance has increased.
  • Improved scalability options.

Improved UI around Configurable Items

Working with Configurable Items is now completely dummy proof.

  • Configurable column not visible for non-configurable items.
  • Better handling of all combinations of configurable attributes and attribute mapping.
  • Enable, Manage Stock and Release all variants at once.

Customer addresses

In this version we added support for region/county on customer and ship-to addresses,

and the data update flow around customer and ship-to addresses has been improved.

Improved UI

In many areas the UI has been improved. This means, improved captions, new tooltips, additional notifications.

New buttons/functionality to make certain tasks a bit easier. Like one that sets Enable, Manage Stock and Release status for  all item variants at once.

Areas where improvements were made are Attribute Sets, System Attributes, Integration Queue, Integration Log.

Notification improvements

We have added the option to select not only a report ID, but also a layout code in notification templates.

Notifications now get synchronized via the regular job queue entry.


In some version of Business Central there were issues when synchronizing product attachments. These have all been fixed.