Release info

Release date: 8 June 2022

Available for: BC18, BC19, BC20 On-Premises. BC SaaS.

Modules: Commerce 365 for Magento core.

Guest order / Guest order customer

The handling of so-called guest orders has been completely revised. The guest order customer setting (placeholder customer) on store view level no longer exists. From now on all incoming orders are processed the same way. 

The fact that a customer decided not to create an account doesn't make a difference in regard to how data is processed in Business Central.

The only thing left, is that there still is an indicator on the staging order and customer card which shows that this data was created by placing a guest order. Once a customer decides to create an account, their customer record will simply be upgraded to a real account.

Until a customer decides to create an account their data is not synchronized from Business Central to Magento.

Technical: In this version the field "Guest Order Customer No." was marked as Obsolete:Pending. In a future version it will be marked as removed.

Updated documentation link:

Order process

Improved handling of additional Magento line discounts.
Improved handling of shipping amount without VAT.

Additional checks around availability of customer templates.

Customer templates are now also accessible from the store view card.

On the store view there is a new setting: Order Creation Price Method [Set Magento Price as Unit Price, Set Magento Price as Line Amount]. When creating sales documents, depending on this setting, BC will either use the Magento price as the amount that is shown on a sales line (first option), or it will calculate and show line discounts (second option).
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Store views 

Besides adding a new switch to alter the way prices are being shown on a sales order, we have also cleaned up this page, and a screenshot/preview is shown once the URL field is filled in.
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Interactive status fields

Before on the standard item and customer card, we showed a yes/no Magento Status field to indicate whether an item or customer was being used in Magento. Now these fields have been replaced by an interactive indicator that shows the actual status and allows a user to immediately create and/or open the web item and web customer.
Updated documentation links: 
Updated documentation links:

Importing attachments

The NC365 Attachment table now has a new field, External Content URL. This field can be used to import documents (attachments) by using rapid start. When a URL is placed in this field and gets validated, the corresponding document will be automatically downloaded and stored in the database. 

Using the attachments feature requires to install the Amasty Product Attachments extension. 

Customer API      

To make working with customer data as easy as possible there is a new API. 

Within this Customer API you will find the following functions; 

CreateNC365Customer, ReleaseNC365Customer, SendWelcomeEmail, SetAttributeValue, ClearAttributeValue.
Updated documentation link:

Item API      

The Item API has been extended with the following functions;

AssignRelatedItem, AssignUpSellItem, AssignCrossSellItem, AssignGroupedItem.

UnassignConfigurableItem, UnassignRelatedItem, UnassignUpSellItem, UnassignCrossSellItem, UnassignGroupedItem.
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Attribute sets

As of this release, when downloading attribute sets from Magento, the full set/group/attribute structure is downloaded. 

This is step 1 of 2 in adding the ability to download/import a complete Magento item catalogue. 

The Based-On field on the attribute set card has been removed. From now on users should use the Copy Attribute Set feature instead.

Customer attributes

A field Apply by Default was added. When enabled, when creating a new Magento customer account, these attributes are automatically applied to the new customer account. 

Updated documentation link: 

Magento extension update

Earlier this month we have also released a new version of the Commerce 365 Magento Extension. In order to make use of the full attribute set import as mentioned above, you first need to update this component as well.

Minor enhancements and bug fixes

As always, all minor issues which have been reported have been fixed. This includes;

Improved handling of temporary sales lines in relation to inventory updates. 

Missing file names on imported media. 

Issues when using multiple attributes of type text area. 

Item category subform not immediately updating. 

Searching for Record Id in the integration queue page.

Support for URLs on videos. 

Support for both customer_taxvat & vat_id when importing sales orders and customer.