The Commerce 365 for Magento - Pimcore module is a small extension that you can install on top of Commerce 365 for Magento. It can be used in combination with both the core and B2B module.

This extension only adds one new button to your existing setup page. And if you click that button, the following page will open. 

On this page, per field, you can define whether Business Central is allowed to insert and or update the value. A field that is not managed by Business Central, can be managed by any other system without having to worry that Business Central will ever overwrite that field. 

In the example above Business Central will initially insert data in all fields, but it will never update the descriptions, status, visibility or any of the meta data fields. With a configuration like this you already have a nice workflow that enables you to work with a combination of Commerce 365 for Magento in Business Central, and Pimcore as a complementing source for product data.

To complete the example; 

  • You could configure Business Central so that it only sets a product status to disabled.
  • BC creates products and continuously maintains all primary, financial and logistical data like SKU, tax class, weight, price, stock, etc.
  • Pimcore will be responsible for adding descriptions, images, categories and meta data. 
  • Pimcore will finally set the product status to enabled. So only once a product has been fully processed by your Pimcore workflow, an product will be visible online. 

Install via AppSource 

To install the Pimcore extension please go to: