Once an item is created, you can start to work on its content. Upon creating the CE item, the description is copied over to the Name field. This is only done once. From here on it can be changed to the name you want to appear on the marketplaces. 

ChannelEngine is able to work with as many attributes as you want, but there are 3 attributes which are created by default for all items. Brand, size and color. This is also why these 3 are found as separate field on the CE Item card. 

Additionally the extension can bring all BC attributes over to ChannelEngine. In order to do this, please check Standard BC Attributes. 

The URL field can be used in case you want to provide a link to a website where this item can be found. 

ChannelEngine has 2 fields to provide shipping information. Shipping Cost and Shipping Time. On the CE Setup card you can provide default values for these fields. When creating a CE item these values are used, but they can be altered afterwards. 

Images can be provided in the form of URLs, where one can be marked as the Primary image. 

The last section on the CE item card contains a list of all active (enabled) channels you have in your CE account, and these are converted into additional boolean attributes. On the CE platform these attributes can be used to defined product listings. This mechanism provides a very simple solution to controlling which items are published on which marketplace or sales channel. Please note that it is not mandatory to use this functionality. Product listings can also be created many other ways.