Step 1: Activate the Commerce 365 Feature

In order to be able to use this feature it has to be activated first. Therefore use the search bar and look for "Feature Management (Commerce 365)".

A list of features of the Commerce 365 for Magento application show up. Please activate the "BOM Inventory" feature to activate the calculation of stock levels based on bill of materials.

In order for the BOM Inventory calculation to work the replenishment system setting on the item card needs to be configured as Assembly or Prod. Order and an Assembly BOM needs to exist.

If you already have the items and corresponding BOM's setup, please navigate to Administration > Setup > Actions > Recalculate Inventory to recalculate the inventory based on BOM's and you are good to go.

Step 2: Create an item with a BOM

In this example we create a book shelf that consists out of 4 pieces of wood, 24 screws and 2 metal frames

When we look at the Business Central item list, we see that the book shelf does not have stock but all the items in the BOM have.

We are now ready to create a Magento item for the book shelf, click the interactive status field to create the Magento item. Note that the Business Central Inventory for this item is 0.

Now that the Magento Item is created, click the interactive status field again to navigate to the Magento item card. The inventory level of this item is now showing 125 units since we are able to create 125 book shelfs based on the stock level of the BOM components.

You are now able to fill in all additional information for this item and release it so it will be activated in your shop.

Inventory levels will now change based on the availability of the items that are part of the BOM of the item. Therefore mutations in stock from other items, that include the same item in their BOM, will also impact the stock level of this item even though there is no sales line for this item.