Full support for Business Central (customer(group) specific) pricing & discount requires you to activate the Commerce 365 B2B module in both Business Central and Magento.

Extension Management

To check whether the B2B module is installed in your Business Central environment, go to Extension Management. Under publisher NVision Commerce Solutions you should see 2 modules. Commerce 365 for Magento, and the additional Commerce 365 for Magento - B2B Module. 


If you are running Business Central On-Premisis, check your license to make sure that Granule 11260680 is enabled.


Once the extension is installed, its features still have to be enabled. Go to Commerce 365 > Administration > Setup. This opens the standard setup card. But, with the B2B module installed, a new button appears in the top menu, B2B Setup. On this page you can enable B2B Pricing.  


Open the Magento Backend, go to Stores > Configuration > Commerce 365 > General and enable B2B pricing for one or more stores and check the configuration. Base URL, AppID and Secret all have to be filled in correctly. Make sure that you are not accidentally using your live AppID and Secret in your test environment or vise-versa. 

You can check your URL and credentials by clicking the Run Connection Test button.

Check your currency codes

This happens mainly when you have just started testing. A test shop might still be configured to show USD or EUR pricing, and your prices in Business Central might be in any other currency. Please check the currency settings in both Magento and Business Central. If Magento is configured to use USD, it will also search for customer specific pricing in USD. If your test customer has GBP pricing, you will not see any customer specific price. 

In the Magento backend, go to Stores > Configuration.

Then General > Currency setup. Here you will find the currency configuration for each Magento website. 

In Business Central know that when using Currency Code '' (empty), the system is fact is using your LCY (Local Currency).