IntegrationEvent: OnAfterCreateDocumentLine

OnAfterCreateDocumentLine(var SalesDocumentLineRecRef: RecordRef; var SalesDocumentLine: JsonObject)

This event is fired directly after a sales document line was constructed and before it is added to the document that will be synchronized.Use this event if you want to add, update or remove line level data.


  • SalesDocumentLineRecRef
  • SalesDocumentLine

IntegrationEvent: OnBeforeSync

OnBeforeSync(var SalesDocumentRecRef: RecordRef; var SalesDocument: JsonObject; var SyncResult: Enum "NC365 Sync Result")

This event is fired right before a sales document is synchronized. Use this event if you want to manipulate header level data.


  • SalesDocumentRecRef
  • SalesDocument
  • SyncResult - Set this to SyncResult::Skip if you want to prevent this object from being synchronized