After completing the Setup Wizard, the extension has created the most commonly used configuration for Commerce 365 for ChannelEngine. This configuration suits most businesses, but you can fine-tune your experience by going back to  the Administration > Setup action in the top menu. On this Setup Card you can adjust the Commerce 365 for ChannelEngine settings and configuration to your specific needs. 


The top section provides information on the version you are running, and the connections statuses. 

If the version you are running is outdated, please update the app from AppSource (BC Online) or our public Github repository (On-Premises) at


To update your Commerce 365 or ChannelEngine credentials, you can do so here. 

You should have received your Commerce 365 credentials in an email from us after installing a trial version of Commerce 365 for ChannelEngine, or upon purchasing a subscription for your production environment. If you haven't received the onboarding email with this information, please contact us at [email protected].

You can find the API URL and API Key for your ChannelEngine account within the ChannelEngine portal.


Within ChannelEngine, there are three primary attributes, and here you can link to any of your existing BC attributes to be used as the source for these CE attributes. Additionally, you can push all other Business Central attributes to ChannelEngine. This configuration can be done on the CE item card.

Shipping Defaults

These are standard fields that can be managed per item, but if you provide values here, then those will be applied by default. 

FieldPossible ValuesDescription
Shipping Cost*A decimal value. 
Shipping Time


A text that indicates the standard shipping time, like "2 working days". 

Channel Default

Commerce 365 for ChannelEngine includes a convenient feature that lets you check or uncheck a checkbox for each active channel in your account. These values are synchronized as boolean attributes. In the ChannelEngine portal, you can use these boolean attributes to create product listings.

By ticking the All Channels Enabled checkbox, all channels will be enabled by default.

Order Processing

Enable Auto Archive to automatically move processed marketplace staging orders to the staging order archive.

No. Series

For all new entities introduced by this extension a number series is needed. 

FieldPossible ValuesDescription
Staging Order No.*Number series used for incoming ChannelEngine orders. 
Cancellation Nos.


Number series used for cancellations.
Sales Order Nos.*Optional number series for sales orders created when processing ChannelEngine / staging orders. When empty, the extension will use the ChannelEngine order number. 
Image Nos.*Number series used for CE item images.